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Do you offer a discount?

The water charges are not based on the number of people in a property, so, unfortunately, there is not an automatic discount for single households, but we have other ways we can help.

Low income fixed social tariff (LIFT)

Our low income fixed social tariff may help if you are a low income household or claiming benefits. You will receive reduced bills for the year that can you can pay monthly. Apply for the LIFT tariff

WaterSure scheme

The WaterSure Scheme helps customers who have a water meter and are on a low income by putting a bill cap on their water charges. We will set the amount you need to pay, and you will not be expected to pay more than this, no matter how much water you use. But if you use less then you will pay a lower amount. Apply for the WaterSure Scheme

Water meter

If you do not have a water meter, you may find you’ll be better off having a water meter. Water meters are free, and if we can't fit a water meter, we may charge you based on the number of occupiers in the home. Apply for a water meter