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I have a high metered bill

Many of us have been spending more time at home this year. As a result, you may find you’ve been using more water than average. This can affect your bill. On top of this, Government guidelines during national lockdown meant we reduced our meter reading services and based your bill on an estimated read. However, now we have started reading meters again. These factors may have resulted in a higher bill than you were expecting. To tackle this, you may find our tips for reducing water usage helpful.

If you have been significantly financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak – we’re here to help. You can find out more by visiting our support page.

What can I do 

Here are some simple things you can do: 
  • Saving water: Keep an eye on your water use, we have lots of water saving tips on our webpage, and you can even book a water efficiency check! 
  • Direct Debit: You can set up monthly payments online on MyAccount to spread the cost of your bill. By far the easiest way to pay and once it’s set up, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Understanding your bill 

We have lots of advice and suggestions to help you understand your measured bill and to investigate possible leaks. You can also find out about how leakage might affect your bill. 

Other causes: 

Although increased usage is currently the most common, there are some other reasons for high usage that may affect your bill: 

  • Internal plumbing problems created by dripping taps, washing machine flooding, overflow or ballcock problems in toilet cisterns or storage tanks 
  • A leak on your private supply pipe 
  • Building work and redecoration or a new lawn being laid leading to a higher than normal use of water 
  • The number of occupants at the property has gone up since the previous bill (e.g. a baby or a new pet) 

If you find that there is a leak on your side of the meter, you may be entitled to a one-off allowance against the cost of lost water. 

In rare cases, particularly with older properties where there has been a change in the use of the property, such as a conversion of a house to flats, there may be a joint or shared supply. So rather than indicating a possible leak or increased usage, the meter could be recording water being drawn off the mains by a neighbour. 

If you are responsible for the maintenance of the water supply to your property, we recommend you consider protecting your home from unexpected water related emergencies with a range of cover brought to you by HomeServce Membership Ltd. You can find out more about HomeService by clicking on this link. 


If you have carried out all the checks detailed in our ‘tips for reducing your water usage’ leaflet, and are still concerned that you are using more water than you would expect, it is possible to request a logger which can give a more detailed picture of your water use. There is a charge for this service and there are limits to the information a logger can give you. Please contact us in the first instance. Our leakage team will be happy to carry out investigations and will ensure that fitting the logger is appropriate in your case. 

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