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Lead pipe replacement

If you’re planning on replacing your old lead pipework, then we offer a scheme which will replace our side of the pipework for you free of charge.

Before we replace our side of the pipework, you’ll need to replace your lead pipe from the boundary stop tap and into your home first. This is called the supply pipe and the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.

You can find details of approved contractors who can carry out this work for you here.

Just so you know…

If you replace your lead supply pipe, it must comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 act. This is the legal duty of the owner, occupier, installer, or plumber to ensure the regulations are met and won’t have an impact to the quality of your water. For more advice on this, please visit Water Regs UK.

The requirements:

All of the lead pipework within your property has been relayed and connected from the boundary stop tap to the internal stop tap

The depth of the new pipe should be a minimum of 750mm but no more than 1350mm

The excavation is open for a site inspection at both the boundary stop tap and at the point of entry to the property so we can check it meets regulations

The new pipe must enter underneath the property’s foundations and be ducted for insulation. If this isn’t possible, please contact our Network Regulations team.

The pipe should be laid on and surrounded by friable and free draining materials such as sand or gravel up to a maximum of 250mm.


If you’ve already filled in the holes, you’ll need meet the above requirements and provide us with photos showing:

  • The depth of the pipework (min depth 750mm - max depth 1350mm) – the picture must clearly show the depth with a tape measure or measuring stick
  • The pipework rising into the property or the pipework within the excavation at the point of entry to the property. This should also be insulated and ducted to protect the pipework
  • The pipe within the excavation at the boundary of the property

What happens next

Our technician will inspect the work carried out to check it’s within regulations. To book an inspection, you can speak to our team via WhatsApp using your mobile.

If the works meet the above requirements, then our technician will arrange to relay any of our lead pipework from the boundary stop tap to the water main free of charge.

This will be passed to our planning team who will request a permit from your local council if the work will be in a public space. If we need to close the road, or set up traffic management, the work will take longer to plan in. Once this is agreed and we’ve made arrangements for the work, one of our friendly agents will be in touch to provide you with the scheduled date.


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