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We want to see if there’s a fairer, more affordable way for our customers to pay for their clean water supply that’s also better for the environment.

That’s why we’re the first water company in England to trial a new way of charging customers based on how much water they use. Customers on the WaterSave Tariff are charged based on what we call a rising block tariff, where the price of water increases the more that’s used, starting with a free allocation of water. We expect that 2 out of every 3 households will have lower bills on the WaterSave Tariff.

The trial started on 1st October 2023 and will last for 2 years until 30th September 2025. Around 1,500 customers who live in the Stevenage postcode area SG1 and have a water meter that we can read automatically, have been selected for the trial.

The trial only applies to customers’ clean water supply and won’t change their tariff for wastewater (sewerage) services.

Man with a bill

Here’s how the tariff trial works:


The first 30,000 litres of water used each year will be completely free.


The next 215,000 litres of water used each year will cost £1.51 for every 1,000 litres used.


Then each 1,000 litres used over 245,000 litres each year will cost £4.


We've also more than halved the yearly fixed charge, so customers on the trial will only pay £12 for this.

Did you know?

30,000 litres of water is equivalent to a typical single occupants household usage for 6 months. The trial only applies to customers’ clean water supply and won’t change their tariff for wastewater (sewerage) services.

Frequently asked questions

Can I opt out of the trial?

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If you’re selected to be included in the trial, you can’t opt out or leave the trial unless you have exceptional circumstances. These include if you move home, or a successful application to our Low Income Fixed Tariff (LIFT) or WaterSure.

Our Charges Scheme 2023/24 sets out our legal basis to charge customers on a trial tariff. 

If you think you should be exempt from the trial, please call us at 0345 357 2401.

I’m having trouble paying my water bill; can you help?

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If you’re having trouble paying your water bill, please don’t worry; you can apply for a reduced bill, set up a payment plan, or apply for a bill cap scheme here.

How can I save water and reduce my bill even more?

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To help you save water and money, you can book a FREE Home visitfrom a qualified technician; they’ll give you simple tips, help identify any leaks, and install free water-saving devices!

You can also take our three-minute My Water Footprint quiz to find out how much water you're using, claim free water-saving devices, and get our top water-saving tips.

How do I find out if I'm going to be paying more, less or around the same on the WaterSave tariff?

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We’ve sent you a letter that tells you which block of the tariff you’ll reach if you use the same amount of water as last year. You can see an un-personalised version of the letter here.

As metered customers, you’ll still receive bills as normal every six months, but we’ll also get in touch in between each bill to keep you updated and let you know what block you’re in.

To help us keep you updated throughout the trial, please register for My Account or log in to check your mobile number, email address, and household occupancy are up to date.

If you have any questions, you can give us a call on 0345 357 2401.

What happens if I move home?

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If you and all of the adult occupants in your property move out, you’ll leave the trial. If not all of the adult occupants move out of the property, the WaterSave Tariff will continue to apply.

If you move to a property within our supply area, you’ll be charged according to the appropriate charges scheme tariff, not the WaterSave Tariff. New occupants moving into a property that was previously in the trial will no longer be included on the WaterSave Tariff and will be charged according to the appropriate charges scheme tariff.

For more information, please see our Charges Scheme for 2023/24.

What if my high water usage is caused by a leak?

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If you’ve got a leak, you may be eligible for a free or subsidised repair. Please see our Leakage Booklet for more information.

If you’re eligible for a leak allowance, you’ll leave the trial, and your charges will be re-assessed based on past normal consumption. If you’re not eligible for a leak allowance, you’ll remain in the trial.

If you think you may have a leak during the two-year trial, please call us on 0345 357 2401 to see how we can help.

Is the regulator Ofwat and the independent group the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) aware of the WaterSave trial?

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We’ve engaged with Ofwat and CCW throughout the process of developing the trial. The WaterSave Tariff is the first of its kind to be trialled in England and is part of a wider series of tariff trials that Ofwat is promoting. Ofwat and CCW’s comments on our trial proposal can be read in our press release from March 2023. More information on household charging trials can be found on the Ofwat website here.

What will happen at the end of the trial?

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Throughout the trial we’ll monitor your bills, how much water you’re using, and what you’re saying about the trial through regular surveys. This will all help to inform what will happen at the end of the trial.

If the aims of the trial have been met, we may continue to apply the WaterSave Tariff to you and may extend the tariff to additional locations. However, if the aims of the trial have not been achieved, we may end the WaterSave Tariff and revert you to the applicable charges scheme tariff.

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