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Swivel Tap

What is a
Swivel Tap?

What is a Swivel Tap?

Fit the small but mighty swivel tap to your kitchen tap to reduce your flow rate to 6 litres per minute. Water is aerated with soft, tiny bubbles so your water flow feels just as strong while helping you save water and money off your bills.

What are the benefits?

Easy to fit

Attach to your kitchen tap and start water saving in just 4 simple steps. Our swivel tap even comes with a converter ring so it can be fitted to both male and female spouts.

Save water
with the
same great

Water from your tap is aerated so your flow rate feels just as powerful but with a water-saving bonus.

Flexible and
simple to use

Once installed, simply push/ pull your swivel tap, as indicated, to start water saving every time you turn on the tap.

How to install your Swivel Tap


Unscrew the spout end from your tap and remove the washer from the spout (make sure you save the washer – you might need it in step 3).


Your swivel tap comes with the converter ring and washer already installed and so can be fitted straight onto your tap. If you’re having trouble fitting your swivel tap, unscrew the converter ring and keep the washer.


Screw the swivel tap onto your tap. If you’re using the converter ring, use the washer from step 1 and tighten by hand.


To change the water flow between aerated and shower, push/ pull your swivel tap by following the arrow on your swivel tap.

Disclaimer: This device may not be suitable for all taps. If you’re unsure, we recommend that it is not fitted. Affinity Water cannot accept any liability for damage incurred to your fittings or property as a result of installation or use of this device

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