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Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

13 July 22

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and Affinity Water collaborate to ask the public to “Save Water Save Wildlife”

The River Colne and Stocker’s Lake in Hertfordshire features in a short new film produced by Affinity Water and Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT), in association with Groundwork South and the Colne Valley Regional Park which is urging the public to “Save Water to Save Wildlife”. 

Stocker’s Lake is owned by Affinity Water and managed by HMWT as a nature reserve. In the film the abundant wildlife that can be found, typical of wetlands and chalk streams there, is identified including: kingfishers, brown trout, damselflies, water voles and otters and many different varieties of wildflowers and plants. As the wildlife is seen in its beautiful surroundings, clips of taps running, showers being turned on, and the wider household use of water is shown together with vox pops of the public all of whom are local wildlife lovers - children and adults - saying how they save water in their homes.  

The River Colne is one of only around 200 chalk rivers in the world. The river’s flow depends on springs where water flows from an underground chalk aquifer and natural reservoir. These rivers support a unique biodiversity. 

The film can be found here: 

The film was made possible thanks to the Heritage Lottery funded programme led by Groundwork South who are the managing agent for the Colne Valley Regional Park. The film is part of a wider project entitled “Keep Rivers Flowing” which aims to improve the Colne Valley Regional Park for people and wildlife. 

Anna Jarmolinska-Nowak Affinity Water’s CSR Manager said: “We worked collaboratively with HMWT and Groundwork South, who manage the Colne Valley Regional Park, to show the connection between saving water at home and protecting the local wildlife. The film shows the beauty of local wildlife at Stocker’s Lake, which our local rivers support, but also its fragility and how we as consumers of water in our daily lives at home can help to keep our rivers flowing.  

“The film highlights the partnership approach which is needed if we are to protect our rivers and wetlands from impacts of increasing water demand and climate change to help stop water wastage at home. It gives some practical examples of how local communities can make little changes to help and how we need to act together and take action. I don’t want to spoil the ending for those who haven’t seen it but when we asked the public both young and old to tell us their water saving tips, they certainly delivered a powerful message between them. It's amazing to see the passion that people now have to saving water at home to save wildlife and that passion is shared by all age groups children, adults, and the elderly alike.” 

Debbie Valman of Groundwork South said: ”It is a very important that we look after our rivers and our wildlife as this video illustrates. The Colne is a beautiful river valley and we can all do our bit to help preserve and protect it, for our enjoyment and ensure wildlife thrives. We are grateful for the opportunities that the Heritage Lottery Fund has given us to work collaboratively towards these goals”.

Josh Kalms of HMWT said: “Chalk rivers such as the Colne are the only globally rare habitat found in Hertfordshire. All of them have been impacted negatively by a combination of physical modifications, climate change and overuse of water, leading to low flows or at times drying-up completely. Every litre that we don’t consume at home is another litre flowing in the environment and for our rivers, thereby continuing to provide a home for beautiful animals and wildlife such as water voles and dragonflies.”

Thanks to Friends of Stocker’s Lake for helping us to make this video:

To find more water saving tips please sign up to 

You can find out more about Groundwork and the Colne Valley Park here: 

Information about Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and Stocker’s Lake can be found here:

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