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11 October 22

Affinity Water launches 2022 Save Our Streams campaign to help customers save water, save money, and save our streams

Monday 10th October 2022: Affinity Water, the UK’s largest water-only supplier, has launched the next phase of its award-winning Save Our Streams (SOS) initiative, which aims to make sustainable water usage second nature.

Now in its second year, the initiative is an important part of the water company’s strategy to encourage behaviour change amongst household customers and deliver a 12.5% PCC reduction target by 2025.

The integrated campaign aims to drive down individual water wastage and minimise the environmental impact on our rare chalk streams, by helping households recognise the simple steps they can take to save water, save money, and save our streams.

In a bid to encourage Save Our Streams engagement, registrations and action amongst customers, the initiative deploys five key elements including:

  • an awareness driving advertising campaign featuring “Duck,” Affinity Water’s new brand identity, voiced by comedian Joe Wilkinson

  • a digital campaign featuring a new SOS hub including a bespoke water usage calculator tool to allow customers to understand their own water footprint, claim free water saving devices underpinned by an engaging eCRM programme
  • a PR and social media campaign working with local river and wildlife trust partners and an influential campaigner

Save Our Streams is just one of the measures Affinity Water is taking to manage demand including a major operational push on leak reduction. We are already over halfway towards our 2025 reduction target of 20%, but with one of the highest PCCs (per capita consumption) of all the water companies (daily usage averaging 157 litres per person per day and some as high as 194 litres per person per day) this campaign is vital in helping the drive towards saving water.

Joe Brownless, Director of Customer Experience & Technology at Affinity Water, said:

“We are working hard as a business to combat leak reduction, but the water supply issues faced by our industry this summer have shown that we also need to take greater steps to educate, and support our customers change their water usage. With customers in our area using as much as 157 litres a day on average, the Save Our Streams campaign is more important than ever. We had a great response to the programme last year, and hope that this new creative featuring Duck, will encourage even more customers to join us in reducing their daily water consumption.”

The Save Our Streams campaign will run into next year. Join us at Affinity our streams.

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