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We specialise in legionella risk assessments and monitoring. Our fully UKAS accredited risk assessments will identify any potential risks in your water treatment or distribution system. We’ll check the pipework on storage tanks and boilers as well as the water temperatures at outlets, such as showers and basins.

Upon assessment, we can develop mitigation methods such as monitoring programmes and sampling rounds to ensure you comply with current legionella regulations. Our team will install unique barcodes on each monitoring asset, which we scan using smart devices. The codes link to our online portal that will give you real-time results as our team take readings or samples are analysed at the laboratory. The portal can show you trends in your data and can be accessed 24/7.

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Monitoring programmes can include flushing regimes which increase the turnover of water within your network, this prevents water stagnating in infrequently used pipework or storage vessels. We also take temperature readings to establish if your hot and cold systems are within range, as legionella thrives between the temperatures 20⁰C and 45⁰C.

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