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Interruption to your water supply - Wembley - HA0 and HA9

Sunday 25th June 2023 - Friday 30th June 2023

Repair Complete

We’re really sorry for the problems with your water supply, the repair of the secondary burst is now complete.

What we're doing

To adhere to our strict water quality standards, we are flushing the pipework and will test the supply. Once samples have passed, we will return the supply back to the usual service. 

Appearance of your water

If your water is discoloured or cloudy, don’t worry this is normal. We know it doesn’t look nice, but it’s not harmful and you can help by running your cold tap until it’s clear. To find out more, please click here.

We updated this message on Wednesday 28th June at 19:20 and we'll update it again as soon as we have more information.

Repair Timeline

Monday 26th June 

(13:05) Our repair team has repaired the burst water main but are now attending to a secondary leak further down the road. All customers now have a normal water supply but the road will remain closed for the safety of the repair team whilst the repairs continue.

(06:00) Our repair team has fixed the burst water and fully restored water pressure to the area.


Sunday 25th June

(12:25) We are continuing work on the burst water main and you’ll see your water flowing again but may be at a lower pressure.

(11:50) Our repair team is continuing work on the burst pipe. almost all customers are back on supply.

(09:30) We’ve restored the supply to most of the area but some customers still may be experiencing low pressure or no water.

(07:10) Our repair team is fixing the burst pipe.

(06:40) Technician on route to investigate.

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