Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Temporary Building Supply




  1. Submit your Section 55 Application for a temporary building supply connection.

  2. We will confirm we have everything needed to answer your enquiry within 5 calendar days of receiving your application.

  3. We will design your connection which may include a site visit by a technician.

  4. We will send you a cost advice 28 calendar days after receiving the full and complete information.

  5. Then you decide if you wish to proceed with the Temporary Building Supply.


Payment and Request your connection


  1. After you have decided to go ahead with a temporary building supply, select your preferred payment method, complete the cost advice by signing the declaration form, then send them back to us by post or email and make the payment.

  2. When you are ready for your connection send us photographs of your installation to show it meets our requirements.

  3. We will check your installation photographs and confirm your pipework meets our requirements. We will do this within 3 calendar days of receiving your photographs.

  4. We pass your application to our planning team.



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