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Beat the chill

Are your customers winter ready?



We want to ensure your non-household customers are prepared for winter, as the risk of freezing and bursting pipes significantly increases.

We’ll be doing all we can to ensure there are no disruptions to their supply. Below we’ve detailed the best ways they can protect their businesses during the cold spell.


Winter-ready checklist

The checklist details the actions your business customers can take to help winter-proof their property.

1. Insulate all exposed pipes, water tanks and outbuildings.

2. Fix any dripping taps.

3. Check for any leaks.

4. Locate their internal and external stop taps.

5. Keep the heating on low, if they plan on travelling or shutting down their business for a short time over the Christmas period.

6. Understand your pipe responsibilities and who to contact – click here to find out more information.

7. Check to make sure their insurance covers any water damaged related incidents.

8. Put a contingency plan in place in the event of an emergency.

9. Ensure all emergency contact details are up to date.

10. Identify a plumber/ground worker - find an approved plumber.




Click here to find more about dealing with frozen pipesIf a pipe bursts