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Our Water Resources

 Last Update: 23 July 2019

June rainfall welcome but groundwater sources remain well below average

We welcomed the rainfall in June in our central region, which was significantly above the long-term average at 166%. This rainfall was good for the environment and helped to reduce the demand for water.

However, when considering rainfall totals over the past three years, in particular during the winters of 2016-17 and 2018-19, the amount that we have received was below average. This has impacted groundwater levels and one wet month is not enough to compensate for this, thus levels remain well below average.

Groundwater levels naturally decline in the summer months as most rainfall is used by trees and plants for growth, absorbed by the soil or is lost to evaporation, so rainfall during this time is unlikely to reach the aquifer. October to March is the critical recharge period when rainfall is expected to reach the aquifers (porous rock where groundwater is stored), which is used to supply 60% of Affinity Water customers.

The dry and relatively warm weather in April and May also decreased moisture in the soil. When soil is dry, this decreases the amount of rainfall that is able to reach the aquifer as more rainfall is absorbed by the soil. So, despite June being wet, this rainfall did little to aid the recovery of groundwater.

Whatever the weather brings, it is important we all continue to save water.

Every little step we can make to save water collectively has a big impact on reducing demand for water.


Summer water saving products

To help customers save water, we are offering FREE and discounted summer water saving products:

  • Make the most of the rain that falls and take advantage of massive discounts on water butts. Save £6.50 on 100 litre butts and £12 on 200 litre butts

  • Free trigger hose attachments. This saves water by ensuring water can be directed to where the plant needs it.

  • Swell gel packs – mix Swell Gel with soils in the garden or pots. The gel absorbs water and releases it to the plants when needed so you don’t need to water as often

  • Free Guide to Water Clever Gardening.

For more water saving tips, please visit


Rainfall and groundwater levels

Groundwater levels graph

*Note, this diagram represents rainfall and water levels in our central area. For groundwater levels in our east and southeast area, please click on the map below.

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Learn more about the groundwater levels where you are

Click on the map below to see what the water levels are like where you live


Affinity Water Regions Map Central Region East Region Southeast Region


Keeping cool and save water

  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge to provide cool water rather than running the tap

  • Keep track of the tap logo

  • Air your clothes and get another wear out of them, this will save you time and energy on washing too

  • Water the garden in the early morning or evening when it’s cooler and there is less chance of the water evaporating

  • Water pistols or soakers are a good way for children to have fun and keep cool

  • Paddling pools can use up to 1,000 litres of water, so to keep kids entertained and cool in hot weather whilst using less water, try paddling pool play dates – inviting their friends to share the same paddling pool. You can also use the water on plants afterwards!


What we're doing

  • We are focused on fixing leaks, and achieved the highest leakage reduction target in the water industry. If you spot a leak you can report it here>>

  • We are investing in our network by replacing water mains to reduce the number of bursts and leaks.

  • Working in partnership with other water companies and the Environment Agency

  • We are continuing our water saving campaign for customers, ‘Keep track of the tap’ campaign to raise awareness and help people save water.