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 Last Update: 24 September 2019


Water levels are low – restrictions possible in spring 2020

After three years of lower than average rainfall, we are considering introducing temporary restrictions on water use (known as hosepipe bans) in Spring 2020.

Like all water companies, we depend on rain for the water we supply to you. Even with the recent spell of rain, it is not enough. We will need consistent, above average, rainfall throughout autumn and winter 2019/20 for water levels to recover.

Whatever the weather brings we’re working hard to make sure we have enough water for you now and in the future.


What we are doing to save water

  • We are talking to our customers and stakeholders about introducing temporary restrictions in our central area for spring 2020 such as a hosepipe ban.

  • We are investing in our network to replace water mains to help reduce the number of bursts and leaks

  • We are investing in the latest technology to spot and fix leaks faster than ever before

  • We’re working hard to fix leaks. Our community teams are working seven-day weeks, reducing the time to repair leaks and helping customers to reduce their leaks at home

  • We have prioritised work to help us move water around our network more easily

  • We have carried out over 95,000 free home water efficiency checks

  • We offer FREE water saving devices available to all customers

  • We offer discounted water butts for customers


How can you help?

Did you know people in our central region use, on average, 158 litres each per day, while the national average is 141 litres per person per day. The difference is roughly the equivalent of one bucket a day!

If everyone saved just one bucket of water a day, it would make a real difference! Try something as simple like reducing your shower time by 1 minute each day.


Which areas are affected?

This affects our Central Region which covers Hertfordshire, west Essex and parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and North London.

Click on the map below to see what the water levels are like where you live.


Affinity Water Regions Map Central Region East Region Southeast Region


Water saving tips

  • Turning off the tap off while we brush our teeth can save 6,500 litres of water a year.

  • Avoid baths - take a short shower instead to save on average around 50 litres each time.

  • Hang up the hose and use a watering can instead.

  • Air your clothes and get another wear out of them, this will save you time and energy on washing too.

  • Avoid using sprinklers – sprinklers can use 1,000 litres of water per hour, the equivalent to how much a family of four use in a day and half.