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Chalk Groundwater levels

East Region


East region water levels hydrograph

*The long term average (LTA) has been calculated statistically, using the long term data record for this hydrograph. The respective drought zones are used as operational triggers, and have been derived using the LTA.

Rainfall in our East region was above average in October at 242% of the Long Term Average (LTA). Over the last three months (August to October), our East region has received above average rainfall (171% of the LTA). As a result, soil moisture deficit (SMD) remains below average and continues to decline, meaning rainfall contribution to groundwater recharge is greater than average.

Groundwater levels have recovered to above the LTA in October as a result of the above average rainfall and have been forecast to remain above average over Winter and Spring as long as rainfall is greater than 80% of the LTA. If rainfall is well below average (60% of the LTA), then groundwater levels may reach the LTA trend by late Winter and dip below the LTA from late Winter/early Spring.

Please refer to our Drought Plan for what this means for us and our customers.