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Groundwater levels

SouthEast Region


Central region water levels hydrograph

*The long term average (LTA) has been calculated statistically, using the long term data record for this hydrograph. The respective drought zones are used as operational triggers, and have been derived using the LTA.

*Drought zone 1 is the LTA in Southeast region.


August Rainfall in our Southeast region was higher than the previous month, albeit still slightly below the LTA at 93%. Groundwater levels have continued to decline, at a similar rate to the LTA trend. Despite this, they remain above the LTA for the time of year. Soil moisture deficit remains above average, and this combined with warmer temperatures means that levels are likely to continue to decline until the start of the recharge period later this year. Predictions indicate that with average rainfall, groundwater levels are likely to reach and track the LTA curve for the remainder of the seasonal recession period. Lower than average rainfall could result in levels dipping below the LTA curve in the Autumn.

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