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What we’re doing?

We supply water to 3.89 million people across the South East, which is a big responsibility that we take very seriously.

We know we can be a part of the problem so we need to be a part of the solution too.

Where our water
comes from

The water that comes out of your tap at home is the same water you see in your local environment. We take the majority of our water from groundwater sources and the remainder from surface water sources.

We work really hard to take as little water from the environment as we can, but we’re all in this together and we need your help to do this too!

Our successes and plans

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Fixing leaks

Fixing leaks

Tackling leaks across our network is a huge priority for us. It plays a key part in helping us to leave more water in the environment.

That’s why we’re rolling out an ambitious plan to reduce leakage, aiming for a 20% reduction by 2025.

During 2022-2023 we repaired more than 19,000 leaks and have now reduced leakage by 15.8% (3year average) saving 9.3million litres of water being lost through leaks each day.

Our dedicated teams continue to work hard 24/7 to meet our goal using the latest technology to find and detect these leaks, including, sensors underground to highly detailed satellite surveys.

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improvement plans

As part of our commitments to our rare chalk streams, we are helping to improve biodiversity across nature reserves in our area by working with the Environment Agency, landowners and other partners to meet Water Framework Directive objectives.

Since 2015, our Revitalising Chalk Rivers programme has improved over 120km of chalk streams through reductions in abstraction and river restoration projects. We aim to complete river enhancement works at over 30 locations across 13 chalk rivers by 2025.

Over time, rivers and streams have been modified to meet different community needs. From redirecting water to turn mill wheels to produce flour to changing water levels for fisheries, watercress production and landscaping, these historic changes mean that rivers are less able to cope with the natural variations in flow, especially during drought and floods.

To help improve the flow and velocity of our rivers, we’ve removed obstacles like weirs, narrowed channels, created meanders and much more. The programme works to create resilient river systems by restoring the rivers and enhancing habitats.

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Less abstraction

Abstraction is the process of taking water from the environment.

We abstract water from deep underground in the chalk aquifer, also known as groundwater. However, this groundwater can naturally decline when there is lower than average rainfall.

We have reduced abstraction by 42 million litres per day from 2015 to 2020. And we aim to reduce this by a further 36 million litres per day by 2025.

Innovative plans are underway to reduce abstraction in the River Ver, River Mimram, Upper River Lea and River Misbourne by summer 2024.

By reducing abstraction, more water is left in the environment, helping us to protect our rare chalk streams and the wildlife that calls them home; from shrimps, dragonflies and snails, to water voles, kingfishers and otters.

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Reducing demand

To reduce water demand, we are investing in our metering programme. This helps our customers understand how much water they are using and creates more opportunities to save water and money.

As part of our programme, we’ll be installing around 280,000 household meters. We’ll give customers the choice to keep paying non-metered charges for one year after their meter is installed.

Almost 70% of our customers are saving money on a water meter. If you don’t already have a meter, why not apply for one today!

On top of saving money, your meter will:

  • help you save water
  • make sure you only pay for the water you use
  • make it easier for us to stop leaks, reducing water waste
  • help our local environment, by leaving more water in our rivers and streams
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