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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I obtain a budget cost for a new water supply without making an application?

For connections where we are connecting to an existing main (Section 45) we advise budgetary costs of 1000-2000 pounds, this is a general guidance and once we have been to survey we will be able to establish the exact costs based  on locations of mains/traffic management etc.

For a mains (Section 41) you can apply to us in writing/email with as much information about the site as possible, location plans and site plans and ask for a budget/pre-development enquiry.

Are there application fees for all applications?

Yes, although there are many types of applications they all fall into one of two categories and both Section 45 (Adhoc) and Section 41 (mains) have application fees. Mains budgets will also attract a fee but at a lower rate.

Guidelines on laying utilities in the same trench

Please see the National Joint Utilities Group guide for advice on laying utilities in the same trench.

How much is the application fee?

  • The Section 45 (Adhoc) application fee is £207.00 + VAT (£41.40) Total charge = £248.40.

  • The Section 41 (mains) application fee is £511.00 + VAT (£102.20) Total charge = £613.20.

  • Mains budget application fees are £259.00 + VAT (£51.80) Total Charge = £310.80.

  • Adhoc budgets are available for free and will shortly be available using an online tool. This will subsequently be extended to high level Mains budgets too.

What is a Section 41 and Section 45?

Section 41 covers the need for new mains and services whilst Section 45 covers the connections needed to an existing main.

Why has an application fee been introduced?

An application fee has been introduced so as the cost of providing a Cost Advice to applicants is shared equally between all applicants and is no longer subsidised by Affinity Water.

Is the application fee an additional cost, over and above the construction cost?

Yes, in the past Affinity Water has been subsidising the cost of providing a cost advice. We will regularly review application fees to ensure they are fair.

When do I pay the application fee?

The application fee should be sent at the same time as the application forms. We will not commence processing your application until the fee has been received. Payment can also be made by BACS, debit or credit card. Please send your application and advise which payment method you would prefer. 

Is the application fee refundable?

Usually no. We start working on your application soon after it arrives and aim to respond within 3 working days, however, if you were to cancel within this period and prior to our response being sent we will return your payment by cheque.

How long will it take to process my new connection application?

From receipt of your application form and the supporting documentation we request, our service level agreement is 20 working days to provide you with the cost advice.

This will be subject to the results of carrying out a site survey, and possible traffic management requirements which may have to be discussed with the Highways Authority. If there is likely to be a delay, we will always aim to keep you informed and explain why and when you can expect to receive your cost advice.

Please be aware that from time to time we experience a high volume of applications being made for both new water service connections and water mains.  While we do everything we can to mitigate increases in applications, we would like to make you aware that there are sometimes short term delays (particularly with mains applications) while we catch up with the demand for our services.

What does my Cost Advice include, what am I paying for?

The cost of your new water service connection quoted on your Cost Advice includes some or all of the below;

  • Affinity Water's administrative fee

  • Our contractor’s construction costs

  • Any fees applied by your local authority for Traffic Management

  • VAT where applicable

  • Infrastructure Charges (where applicable)

More detailed information can be found in our leaflet ‘The cost of your connection’.

How do I apply for a re-design?

For a design change please email us at showing your preferred route of connection or requirement for change. Our timescales for a redesign are 20 working days but this can depend on whether we need to resurvey the site

Is there a fee for a re-design?

Yes, there is a fee for re-design in the following circumstances:

  • For a Section 45 (adhoc services) applications where the point of entry for the properties has changed;

  • For a Section 45 (adhoc services) applications where the number of connections and/or disconnections has changed;

  • For a Section 41 (Mains Extensions) where any of the following have changed: the point of entry to the site; the overall water demand of the site; the layout of the mains on site.

In these cases the relevant full application fee will apply.

How do I apply for a re-quote?

Please email us at confirming there have been no changes to the scheme and you will require a re-quote. Please note if the scheme is older than 1 year we may need to resurvey the site. Our timescales for a re-quote are 20 working days however this is dependent on each case. 

Is there a fee for a re-quote?

There is no charge for a re-quote where the quote has expired and there has been no change to the original application or the design solution (see information regarding re-design below).

Why should I supply a soil report?

We have a legal obligation and responsibility to ensure that the water we supply to any property meets strict water quality standards. Where there is a possibility that your new water service may be installed in contaminated land we will default to installing barrier pipe for your new connection, and will require the pipework within your property boundary to be the same, to ensure the security of the water supply to the property.

Barrier pipe can be considerably more expensive than standard polyethylene (MDPE) pipe, and while it can be purchased in shorter lengths there are limited suppliers. As a result, depending on the length of your new water supply both inside and outside of your property boundary, it may be more cost effective for you to arrange for soil analysis to be carried out to confirm there are no contaminants present, so that standard polyethylene pipe can be used.

What is barrier pipe?

Barrier pipe is a layered plastic pipe containing a metal membrane, which prevents the ingress of contaminants, particularly hydrocarbons which can damage and permeate plastics. Our leaflet Why barrier pipe? explains this further.

Why have I been charged Infrastructure costs for Sewage?

Affinity water collect the charges of Infrastructure for sewage on behalf of the local sewage provider (Thames or Anglian Water) we will then refer these costs on to the relevant company. Sewage Infrastructure costs are applied when there is an additional demand being placed on the sewage network i.e. new builds/ conversions and ensures the future repair and maintenance of this network.

Why have you chosen THAT main to connect to?

Generally, we will connect to the nearest main in the public highway outside your property, however there are a number of reasons why, when designing your new water connection, we may choose to connect to a specific main when there may appear to be more obvious choices.

In some cases, there may be more than one main in the public highway outside your property. These include distribution mains, to which properties are connected; trunk mains which connect parts of our supply area to various sources such as towers, reservoirs and pumping stations; and on very rare occasions raw water mains, which carry untreated water from the ground or river source to our treatment works.

For obvious reasons, we will not connect to trunk and raw water mains. However, where there is more than one distribution main in the highway outside your property we may not always choose the closest option. This is an operational decision to ensure that your property will receive the best flow and pressure now and going forward, and that the service we provide to neighbouring properties is maintained.

There are occasions where a property is located on a busy road, or close to a junction or school etc, meaning the highway is designated as traffic sensitive. In these instances we may need to control traffic using traffic lights or closing the road (see Explaining Traffic Management for further information) which will result in additional costs and delays, and so we may look to connect to a main in an adjacent street or one to the rear of the property.

What is Traffic Management, and why do I need to pay for it?

Traffic Management is the term used to describe the control of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, such as temporary traffic lights or road closures. The Local Authority applies charges for certain types of Traffic Management, which will form part of the cost of your connection (see Explaining Traffic Management for further information).

When I have called off my connection(s), when will you be installing them?

Generally, we will aim to install your new water service connection(s) in approximately 3-4 weeks from the time you advise us you are ready. This is subject to the Traffic Management requirements associated with your work, as we may need to apply to your local Highways Authority for permission to erect traffic lights or close the road, which can result in a delay of 12 weeks or more (see Explaining Traffic Management for further information).

What methods of payment can I use?

We are happy to accept payment for your new water service connection using the following methods;

  • Cheque made payable to Affinity Water Ltd included with your checklist and declaration.

  • Credit/Debit Card. Please send in your checklist and declaration and our accounts team will contact you.

  • BACS payment payable to our Barclays account: Reference 80542903 - Sort Code 20 74 09. You will need to include your seven digit reference number beginning with NCxxxxx for your scheme. Note - Some banks now have Affinity Water as an automatic payee however using this method will not allow you to pay using the NC Number. Depending on your bank, there are a number of alternative methods, please contact your bank for further assistance. Please confirm, when you send in your checklist and declaration, that you have paid by BACS.

How long will it take to arrange a construction date?

Section 45 - Once payment has been made you will need to install the pipework from the internal stop tap to the boundary, we will ask for evidence of this in the form of photos or you can call the team to arrange for a representative to come to site to take the photos within 5 working days. Once photos are approved a connection date will be arranged. We will call you to advise of the date.

Section 41 – Once payment has been made and legal agreements have been received, you will be contacted within 10 working days. For services, once the mains is laid and services have been paid for, you can call our contact team who will take all relevant details and they will arrange for our representative from our Contractor to call you back.

How long does it take to install my new connection(s)?

For most service connections, excavation and installation of the new pipe work will take place on the date advised by our contractor, and reinstatement of the ground will take place the next working day. If the excavation is blocking access to properties or the public highway, then this will be reinstated the same day. However, our contractor will apply for a Notice from the Local Highways Authority which lasts 5 working days to allow for any unexpected problems.

Where larger or more complicated connections are required it may be necessary to spread the works over a number of days. We will advise you of this when they contact you to confirm their attendance.

What time will the gang (team) arrive on the day?

We advise that the team will turn up between 9:00 and 9:30 but if they are going to be later than 10:00 we will call you on the day to let you know an estimated time of arrival. 

Do you have a policy concerning the installation of fire sprinkler systems?

Yes, attached is the full policy and guidance for housing developers or sprinkler installers who wish to install domestic/residential sprinkler systems in new or existing properties. Policy and guidance for fire sprinkler systems

How do you schedule my works?

We will always try to carry out your requested work as quickly as possible however the scheduling for installation of your new water main or connection will be subject to a number of factors.

  • The readiness of your site.

  • The amount of work required.

  • Traffic Management requirements of the Highways Authority and/or Police.

  • Other Utilities works.

  • Public Holidays.

  • Adverse weather conditions.

This will be the earliest date we may be able to start works on your site, subject to payment being received, and the above factors.

Details of your local Highways Authority can be found on your Local Government website.

You can look up our works in your area, and those by other Utilities and Highways Authorities, ongoing and planned, by visiting (the accuracy of content on the site is not the responsibility of Affinity Water Ltd).

Do I have to notify anyone about our planned works?

If you are planning to carry out any plumbing work at your home or business or you are a contractor doing this type of work, in most cases you will need to let us know about your plans before you start work. Please click here for more information. Water Regulations - Notifications of planned works