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Stop taps

What does my external stop tap look like?

Stop taps come in many shapes and sizes and yours may well look different to your neighbours. 

Below we've included a few examples of what your stop tap cover may look like so you know what you should be looking for:

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Outside stop tap Stop tap outside External stop tap Stop tap in driveway
Driveway stop tap Stop tap in the garden Stop tap in paving.jpg Stop tap with meter installed

What else can I do?

You might also find some of the tips below helpful:


  • If you have an external meter your stop tap is likely to be in the same hole
  • Ask your neighbours where their stop taps are – if you have a similar type of house, they're likely to be in a similar place
  • Remember your stop tap may be on the pavement, your own garden or your neighbours garden
  • If your kitchen is at the back of the property your stop tap may be in your rear garden

Did you know.....?

A stop tap and a stop cock are exactly the same thing!

If you still can't find it, we might be able to help. 

Simply complete the form below and we'll do our best to find your stop tap and let you know its location.  Alternatively, if you've managed to find your stop tap and would like to help us keep our records up to date, please supply its location to us using the form below.