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What we are doing to save water

Tackling leakage

We know we need to do more to reduce leaks and we’re working hard to do it.

Over the next five years, we plan to spend about £100 million to tackle leaks. Our plan is to:

  • cut leaks by half between 2015 and 2045
  • fix 50% of visible leaks in 24 hours, 70% within 48 hours and 90% within 5days
  • use quantum technologies to detect and fix leaks
  • use new techniques to monitor flows and fast logging and pressure reduction schemes to locate leaks so we can target them more effectively and maximise the amount of water we save
  • offer more free repairs to customers where there are leaks on the pipe supplying their home

These changes will help us to reduce leaks and save more water than ever before.

Investing in our infrastructure

We plan to do more work with our regional partners to progress our scientific research of the following strategic solutions for our central region:

  • Potentially building a new reservoir in Oxfordshire to be ready by the late 2030s. This would provide up to an extra 100 million litres of water per day. Alongside this scheme, we will also be working on regional strategic transfer routes of water from the River Thames to move this into our area for treatment and supply.
  • A transfer of water via the Grand Union Canal which could provide an additional 50 million litres of water per day to customers either in the longer term or as an alternative to the reservoir development.
  • An alternative strategic transfer solution from South Lincolnshire that could provide up to 100 million litres of water per day to customers if required in the longer term.

And we’re investing:

  • £59 million on our metering programme
  • £10 million on a 4km main to move water from Blackford to Ickenham in West London
  • £1 million on a booster which acts like a giant pump and pushes surface water to areas which need it.
  • We’re also planning to spend around £53 million on projects to protect the environment and increase the region’s resilience to drought.

Water Resources

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Find out the latest water resources position

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