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27 November 23

Leisure centre awarded with water saving certificate by Affinity Water

A Bedfordshire Leisure Centre is on course to save over 800,000 litres of water a year with the support from Affinity Water.

The leisure centre has been presented with a water saving certificate to mark its achievement in helping to reduce water use in an important new national trial being undertaken in the county.

By fitting 22 tap restrictors and inline reductions; 11 WC inlet valves and 1 shower head, the leisure centre is well on their way to reduce the demand of water usage and creating a more sustainable environment.

Gareth Hunt, General Manager, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre said:

“We are pleased to be working with Affinity Water on reducing our demand for water. We have been bowled over by the results so far which have been achieved by the use of clever water saving technologies such as tap restrictors, inlet values and new shower heads. We are on course to save over 800,000 litres of water a year. Houghton Regis Leisure Centre is proud to be creating a more sustainable environment for us all to live more securely in. Every drop of water we save is helping to make Bidwell West, one of the first water-neutral new housing developments of its kind. Until Affinity Water approached us we had no idea that the small changes we have made could make such a big difference to saving water”.

As part of a national trial in Mid-Beds, the new Bidwell West housing development in Houghton Regis are encouraging water saving behaviour change among residents and to reduce water use in local businesses. The aim is to protect the environment and secure a sustainable water supply for the future and thereby ensure that the total water use in the community is the same as before the new homes were built.

Julian Webster, Water Neutrality Engineering Manager at Affinity Water said:

“Houghton Regis Leisure Centre is showcasing to others what can be done to save water in a business or public building by adapting existing fittings. By reducing its demand for water, it is helping us to achieve a truly water neutral community in the future. The College joins a local school and FE College in Bedfordshire who have also demonstrated that by using our special water saving fitments on taps, WCs, inlet valves and shower heads significant amounts of water can be saved which in turn cuts the cost to businesses by reducing the demand for energy. We want to congratulate Houghton Regis Leisure Centre for taking part in this important new national trial.”

As the UK’s leading water only company, Affinity Water cares about the environment and is working hard to protect the precious chalk streams by reducing the demand for water. They have demonstrated that by working together with local partners, they can achieve sustainable behaviour change.

Lina Nieto, Water Neutrality Manager at Affinity Water said:

"These trials will fly the flag nationally for the encouragement of putting more emphasis on water saving behaviours and creating a blueprint for reducing water demand. Our thanks go to Ofwat and Nesta for backing this innovation trial.”

Other local schools and colleges:

One local primary school in Bedfordshire has reduced its water use by 42 per cent, from an average of 14,559 litres per day to 8,490 litres per day. A reduction of 6,069 litres per day, and a financial saving of £6,424.04 per annum.

In addition, Central Bedfordshire College has reduced their water use by 44 per cent, from an average of 11,687 per day to 6,438 litres per day. A reduction of 5,249 litres per day, and a financial saving of £5,556.07 per annum. 

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