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Get your home winter ready

It’s important to remember that cold weather can cause pipes to freeze or burst. Following the advice on this page can help you handle problems caused by cold weather, get prepared for winter, and avoid unnecessary damage to your home.


Handling a problem caused by cold weather

Get winter ready

Get winter ready

Dealing with frozen pipes

Dealing with frozen pipes

If a pipe bursts

Burst pipe


Our checklist outlines the steps you can take to prepare your home for the winter months.


  • Insulate your pipes and water tank (especially tanks in the loft).
  • Toilet cisterns, water tanks or pipes in exposed places and unheated outbuildings could cause problems. Make sure they're insulated or ideally, drained during the winter.

Watch our guide on how to insulate your pipes


  • If your home is going to be empty for a long time, you might want to speak to a plumber about turning off your water supply and draining down the system.
  • If you are going away for a short time, it is a good idea to leave programme your heating to come on at a low temperature (some systems have a frost setting). If possible, ask someone nearby to pop-in to your home and check everything's is OK.
  • Make sure your boiler's been recently serviced to ensure it is running effectively.
  • Reduce draughts by closing the doors and windows to parts of your property that aren't heated.


  • Make sure you get all dripping taps fixed. Even a small trickle can lead to a frozen pipe.
Prepare for emergencies
  • Ensure you know where your internal and external stop taps are located just in case your water needs to be turned off in a hurry.
  • Keep a separate supply of drinking water for emergencies.
Let us know if you need extra help

The Priority Services Register helps us know which customers may need extra help with communication, access, physical or mental health needs. It can also help us know who needs urgent help if there’s a problem with the local water supply.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, make sure to sign-up here:

Keeping up to date

When there’s an incident that might affect your water supply we want to make sure you’re kept in the loop. You can check the contact details we have for you are up to date by signing in or registering for My Account.

For further information and tips on how to prepare for winter, please visit WaterSafe and the Met Office.

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