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Uncover home
leaks with
Sarah Beeny

One drip. It might not look like much, but it all adds up.

In the last six months, over 1 billion litres have been lost to home leaks across our region. That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium.

Leaving leaky taps, toilets, pipes and tanks, can cause damage to your home and cost you as much as £300 extra a year (Waterwise).

Now we’re working with property expert Sarah Beeny to help our customers take on leaks in their homes to save water and money.

Last year we found and fixed over 19,000 network leaks, helping us to save over 28 million litres a day over the last 3 years.

Together, we can help leave more water in our local environment.

How to find
your home

Find leaks in your home with the Look & Listen test.

Look out for:

  • Damp patches
  • Changes to your wallpaper
  • Changes to your water bill

Listen out for:

  • Noisy pipework
  • Running water in your toilet cistern

What to do
if you have
a home leak

Once you’ve found your leak, or suspect you have one, it's important to get it sorted quickly with the help of a plumber.

While you wait for your plumber, contain the leak to prevent any further damage and make sure that the water doesn’t go to waste. Try reusing the water to care for your plants.

How to
home leaks

Treat your Look & Listen test like the MOT on your home. Keeping an eye, and ear, out for leaks in your home can help prevent water loss and serious damage to your home and wallet.

With HomeServe Plumbing and Drainage Plus insurance, you can be confident that problems with your property’s pipes, drains, toilets or tanks won’t stop you in your tracks.

And if your home is going to be empty for a while, remember to turn off your internal stop tap. This can help reduce the risk of returning to any serious damage.

I've found a leak

The leak is inside my home

All the pipes and plumbing inside your home are your responsibility, so if you think you have a leak it’s important to get it fixed quickly.

From the list of plumbers from Watersafe to our payment plans, our team are here to help support you through the process of tackling your leaks.

The leak is outside my home but on my land

All the pipes on your property up to the boundary are your responsibility.

If you have found a leak outside your home but still within your property boundary, contact a member of our team and we’ll help support you through getting that leak sorted.

The leak is on public ground

Leaks outside your property and on public ground are usually our responsibility.

We want to find and fix network leaks quickly. If you’ve seen a leak, let us know by reporting the leak today.

Other ways to save water

Save water,
Save money

Check out our top tips for saving water and money. From fixing leaks to taking shorter showers, we can help you save water, and money off your bills too.

Take the My Water Footprint quiz to uncover your water footprint and claim FREE LeakyLoo strips, and water-saving devices, tailored to your home

Our water-saving experts are here to help by fitting water-saving devices, sharing their top tips and they may even be able to fix small home leaks too. Book your home visit today.

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