Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.


As part of our Water Saving Programme, we’ll be installing around 280,000 household meters. We will give customers the choice to keep paying non-metered charges for up to two years after their meter is installed.


Where will we increase metering?

Meter increase map



Will I save?

Having a meter really puts you in control of your bill. You can see how much water you use and if you use less water you are also likely to save on your energy bills!

If your meter is installed as part of our Water Saving Programme, you will continue to be billed for your water on a non metered basis for two years, unless you ask to switch to a metered bill during this period.

At six monthly intervals, we will send you information about your water usage and show you what you would be paying on a metered charge – compared with your current non-metered bill.

By making simple changes, you can see the benefits of a reduced bill and help the environment

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Apply for a meter

You are able to apply for a meter to be installed ahead of our Water Saving Programme, however, there are benefits in waiting for an installation as part of the programme - if you apply now, you will be put straight onto a metered tariff.

If your meter is installed as part of the Water Saving Programme, you will have up to two years to compare your current unmetered charge with a metered charge as we will send you six monthly cost comparisons, you will be able to opt in to your metered charges at any time during these two years or you can use the time to make changes to reduce your water usage and bring down the costs – giving you complete control.

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