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Leaks on supply pipes

This guide will help you if a leak has been identified in or around your home, and let you know what help we offer.

How can I check if I have a leak?

If you have a water meter we aim to take a reading every six months and will notify you in writing if we suspect a leak. However, you can conduct an initial check if you suspect that you have a leak.

  1. Turn all your taps off

  2. Listen to your supply pipe. If you can hear water flowing, this may indicate a leak.

 Other indications can be:

  • Reduced water pressure coming out of your kitchen tap

  • An unusually lush and possibly long patch of grass in your front garden when the rest of the lawn is dry

  • A patch of water on your tarmac, particularly on a dry day

  • An unusually high water meter reading. If you see what you think may be a leaking pipe on your property or anywhere else, please call our Leak Spotters Line immediately

 If you prefer we can visit your property to confirm if there is a leak on your supply, but we can not help detect the exact location of a leak. Please contact us on 0345 357 2407.


What do I do if I discover a leak in my home?

Firstly check with your home insurers to see if you are covered for the leak. If you need to contact a plumber to carry out works on leaks within your home, we recommend you visit the Watersafe Website to find a list of Industry Approved Plumbers within your area. If you need a groundworks plumber to deal with leaks on your supply pipe, in the advanced options select Underground pipework and moling. 

Alternatively, you could contact HomeServe to discuss their On Demand Cover option on 0800 0327593.


Who is responsible for the leak?

The home owner is responsible for the water pipes in the home as well as the drainage and supply pipes within the property boundary. If you and your neighbours share a supply pipe then you are all jointly responsible.

If you are on a shared supply pipe and not sure where your responsibility lies if you have a leak, please see the examples below.

An individual supply pipe infographic Only you are responsible for the leak infographic

   An individual supply pipe                                                                        Only you are responsible for the leak

Both you and neighbour A are responsible for the leak infographic All three of you are responsible for the leak infographic

   Both you and neighbour A are responsible for the leak                     All three of you are responsible for the leak


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