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This form should only be returned if the reason for the high consumption has been established as a leak and when the leak has been COMPLETELY repaired. 

You cannot apply for an allowance until the repair is completed.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Your details

Leak details

Please answer the following questions as fully as possible as soon as the repair has been completed.  A copy of your plumber's repair bill must be attached as proof that the repair of the leak has been completed, unless Affinity Water carried out the repair. You can attach a digital copy of your document at the bottom of the form.

If you are unable to take meter readings, please submit the form without any and we will arrange to take the readings if required.

If possible please provide a further reading taken at least 2 weeks after the above read.  (This will speed up the processing of your allowance)

Please note that if your leak was on internal pipe work, Affinity Water is not required to give leak allowance.  

Please refer to our qualifying criteria for further information.

Claim details

This does not include repairs carried out by HomeServe. (HomeServe are a company wholly independent of Affinity Water)

Please ensure there are no bank details appearing on any repair bill attachments.


Data protection: The information you provide may be used by Affinity Water to provide you with water services, give you information about your water supply and manage your account; including the collection and recovery of charges. We also collect charges on behalf of Thames Water and Anglian Water who provide sewerage services in our supply area. Read our full privacy policy.

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