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Service and Guidance for Builders and Developers

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Christmas & New Year embargo

Leading up to and over the Christmas and New Year period, many local authorities place an embargo on work being carried out in streets and areas around busy shopping centres and town centres. This means it may not be possible for us to undertake any new connections work.

When you are ready for a connection, please contact us so we can check any embargoes in your area and agree on an installation date with you.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.


We aim to provide as much support and guidance as our applicants request. Please select from the tabs below to view the information best suited to your needs.


Infrastructure Charges

Our Infrastructure Charges are currently set at £375.00.

You have to pay infrastructure charges on top of the cost of connecting a property to the water main and/or wastewater system (provided by Anglian Water or Thames Water depending on your location within our area). Each company can raise infrastructure charges for connecting premises for household purposes to a public water main or to a public sewer for the first time. Ofwat set an upper limit on this charge and this increases each year in line with inflation.


See below for details of our charges for new connections:

New Connections Charging Board Assurance statement 2018/19

Charging Arrangements for New Connections 2018/19


Further information can be found in our Charges Scheme and on the website of our regulator, Ofwat.

To view our  Infrastructure charges click here.