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How to check if you have a leak

Watch our technician Rob show you how to perform a leak check or follow the simple instructions below.


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1. Make sure no water is being used in the property and you have not recently flushed the toilet. If you have one, turn off the dishwasher and washing machine.

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2. Lift the lid of your water meter with a flathead screwdriver and remove the polystyrene frost cover if there is one. If there is an inner meter lid fitted, pull this up so that you can see the meter face. Each water meter has its own unique serial number, which is also shown on your bill. Please ensure that you have located the correct meter. Don’t worry if there is water in the chamber, this is normally the result of heavy rainfall. There may be some condensation on the meter face but if you can’t read the meter, please contact us on 0345 357 2420.

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3. There are black and white numbers and red and white numbers shown on your meter. In the centre of the meter face is a dial that will spin quickly if water is being used.

4. Make a note of all of the numbers on your water meter before you go to bed and do not use any water once you have recorded this number.

 Water meter

5. In the morning, before water is used, check the numbers are the same as the night before. If the reading is the same, you do not have to do anything more as this means your usage is correct! If the readings are different by more than 10 litres, then you should investigate the possibility of a leak or faulty appliance such as a plumbed in overflow, or that you have failed to turn off an appliance, e.g. water softener.

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6. If the reading has altered, please go back and turn off your internal stop tap. This will help you establish where the leak is.

If you do not know where your internal stop tap (ISV) is, or if it is not working, please click here to watch Rob show you how to locate your ISV. If you are unable to do this or think your ISV is not working properly, please contact a plumber as soon as possible. We are unable to conduct any checks without a working and accessible ISV.

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7. Go back to your meter.

If the dial has stopped, you have an internal leak and should call a plumber to help you.

If the dial is still spinning with your internal stop tap shut off, it is likely you have a supply pipe leak. This is your responsibility and you should contact a plumber to repair this for you. You may be covered under a home emergency policy, for example, policies offered through HomeServe and you could contact them for more information.

You may wish to notify us when you locate and repair the leak as we may be able to offer you a one-off supply pipe leak allowance