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Our conservation, access and recreation activities are an important element in our vision to be the leading community-focused water company.

We own and manage the water assets and network in a supply area of approximately 4,515 km2 split over three regions, comprising of eight separate water resource zones, in the Southeast of England.

We are the sole supplier of drinking water in these areas. We view each of our eight water resource zones as a community and because customer preferences and operating conditions may be unique to that particular community, we are committed to operating primarily at a community level.

Affinity Water Supply Area

Affinity Water's Supply Area

We are proud of the responsible approach to communities and the environment our business plan represents. This year we have started to strengthen the governance and visibility in this area focusing on the following activities.

Managing our water resources, land and assets

We are a major landowner with approximately 1,400 hectares of landholdings that comprise a wide variety of habitats including: lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, watercourses, farmland and land adjacent to our treatment works and pumping stations. Nearly one third of our landholdings by area are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which we conserve and enhance wherever possible.

We continue to develop our estate and catchment management activities in order to achieve improved biodiversity and conservation outcomes. These range from public access and recreational use of our lakes and volunteering from our team members.

Working with our contractors and suppliers

Many of our activities are linked with our strategic partners such as Wildlife Trusts and river groups which provide expert knowledge on the local environment, key species and habitats. We believe that by working with our regulators, team members and wider communities and involving them in constructive dialogue and increasing awareness of the challenges we all face, we will achieve the best balance of minimising the impact of our essential activities and protecting the environment.

Access and recreation

Public access to our land is permitted where it is safe and does not affect our operations. We act to improve and promote recreation activities, including bird watching, sailing and fishing. On some landholdings, due to the need to maintain the security of operational sites, access is limited or controlled.

We have long term partnerships with angling clubs, The British Disabled Water Ski Association and sailing clubs on our reservoirs.

Angling clubs on our lakes

As part of our commitment to working in our community, we offer recreational opportunities such as angling. We support and work with five angling clubs that allow fishing on nine of our reservoirs with a mix of both managed and natural fish stocks. We value our long lasting relationship with the clubs who provide stewardship on our land, safeguarding local wildlife and water quality.

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