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Our home visits are a great way to help you embrace everyday water‑saving behaviours to help you save water, save money off your household bills and help protect our precious chalk streams.

As the population rises and we experience less rainfall, the demand for water increases. And our streams are feeling the impact. That’s why we’re on a mission to reduce our impact and help make water saving even easier for you.

What is a
home visit?

Our home visits are a FREE and simple way to get advice and expert help from our water‑saving experts. Whether you have an in‑person or virtual home visit, you’ll get water‑saving advice tailored to your household.

Book your FREE home visit now*

Get information about your home visit

*Our phone lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday
We just need your account name, address and phone number

If you’re in an area that offers in‑person visits, our water‑saving experts* will bring their advice and expertise straight to your door.

As well as advice, our experts will also fit any recommended and FREE water‑saving devices.

We’ll also identify and repair any small leaks (where possible).

*Our water‑saving experts carry photo ID and have all been security checked.

If you would like a virtual home visit or if we’re not currently offering home visits in your area, we also offer 30-minute virtual home visits.

Just like an in‑person visit, you’ll get top water‑saving advice and then we’ll send out any FREE water‑saving devices we think would work best for your home.

To book your FREE home visit

simply email
and our team will get back to you.

Or call our team on 0808 175 0440.

(9am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

Other ways to save water

Save water,
Save money

Check out our top tips for saving water and money. From fixing leaks to taking shorter showers, we can help you save water, and money off your bills too.

The stream

Learn more about the precious, and rare, chalk streams we need your help in protecting. Or why not enjoy the beauty of nature by taking a stroll to your local chalk stream?

Find out how much water you’re really using by taking our quick quiz. You’ll also be able to claim FREE water‑saving devices to save water and money off your bills.

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