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Twin Tap Saver

What is a Twin Tap

What is a Twin Tap

Fit to your taps* to regulate the flow rate to 5 litres per minute, helping you to reduce your water usage.

*The tap insert requires the tap end to have two straight edges. It will fit the majority of taps with a screwed outlet housing. It is not suitable for large bath taps. It helps you reduce your water usage without affecting the performance of your taps.

What are the benefits?


Saving water by reducing flow rate to 5 litres per minute, compared to a standard 10 litre per minute flow rate.


Helping to limit splashing and contains anti limescale materials.

to fit

Special tool is provided and uses the original housing to retain the design and aesthetics of the taps in your home.

How to install your Twin Tap Saver


Take the blue tool and slide the opening of the blue tool around the end of the tap. There are various size fittings so make sure the tool fits snugly.


Twist anticlockwise until the end of the tap comes away from the spout.


Remove the original insert from the housing.


Chose the component that fits your tap and replace the old insert.


There are different converter rings depending on the housing of your tap. The grey ring is for an internal shoulder at the outlet of the housing.


The black ring is for housings that have no visible shoulder.


For small housings (JR size) just insert the aerator.


Install the converter ring into the tap housing and using original gasket replace on to spout hand tightly. If using the grey or black converter ring, insert the aerator fully into the ring until the top of the aerator is flush with the top of the ring.

Disclaimer: Affinity Water cannot accept any liability for damage incurred to your fittings or property as a result of installation or use of this device.

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