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02 May 24

Cutting through the noise: Affinity Water leads industry discourse on water neutrality and sustainability

As we confront many challenges in 2024, seeking insights from industry leaders and influencers becomes paramount. Affinity Water proudly stands among these leaders, committed to tackling the industry's pressing questions head-on.

Water neutrality is one of many central focuses for Affinity Water — an unwavering commitment to balancing water usage with availability, ensuring sustainable practices for future generations. Leveraging expertise and resources, Affinity Water implement robust strategies promoting water neutrality across operations. This includes investing in advanced technologies for enhanced efficiency and collaborating with stakeholders on responsible water management.

Water neutrality is not just a concept; it is a commitment to balance water usage with water availability, ensuring that our actions today do not compromise the needs of future generations. It is about achieving a delicate equilibrium between supply and demand, while also safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainability.

At the Global Water Summit 2024, Affinity Water engaged in crucial discussions, shedding light on diverse approaches to water management. Leading a roundtable on "40 Crucial Questions for Water 2024," they emphasised strategies for achieving water neutrality.

Lina Nieto, Water Net Zero Manager at Affinity Water said:

“Our Water Neutrality at NAVs Sites project showcases immediate results, driving resilience and benefiting all.”

“Together, we can harness global opportunities to drive an ambitious, sustainable and resilient vision for a Water Positive Future.”

Furthermore, Affinity Water highlights the importance of demand management alongside traditional approaches. Prioritising demand management ensures sustainability, a message reinforced at the Summit.

As we forge ahead towards water neutrality, Affinity Water invites stakeholders to join their journey.

Dr Gareth Barker, Head of Wholesale and Development Experience at Affinity Water said:

“Being part of this event was a tremendous honour for us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such important discussions on water management and sustainability."

"As the local water company producing water to a major airport such as Heathrow, it was our pleasure to be amongst distinguished global leaders within our community.

“We can collaboratively confront challenges, pave the way for a sustainable water future, and shape industry answers.”

At Affinity Water, they are dedicated to building sustainable homes, safeguarding our water supply, and protecting the environment by reducing the amount they take from it.

“It is our responsibility to ensure a resilient and sustainable future for generations to come."  

Affinity Water is a leading provider of clean water services, committed to sustainable practices and shaping the future of the water industry. Through innovation and collaboration, Affinity Water addresses challenges to ensure a resilient and sustainable water future for all.

Stay tuned for further updates and insights as Affinity Water navigates the waters ahead.

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