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07 March 23

Affinity Water advises its customers to prepare the pipes in their homes for more cold weather

  • Checking the lagging on exposed pipes in lofts and gardens could save households on expensive plumbing repair bills
  • Turning off all heating in a home can lead to problems as temperatures are set to go back into minus figures this week
  • Affinity Water ask vulnerable customers to sign up to Priority Services Register and supports those struggling to pay

A cold snap is on the way this week and Affinity Water is reminding its customers to carry out a few essential checks to prevent possible damage to their homes should pipes burst.

Freezing weather can play havoc with pipes inside and outside a home, causing bursts, leaks and cutting off the water supply. The damage this causes can be expensive to fix. Customers who are managing without any heating this winter are more vulnerable.

Customers are being asked to ensure:

  • Pipes, water tanks and taps are insulated and that they know where their stop taps are
  • Any possible leaky taps are fixed and gutters are cleared of leaves
  • Where possible heating is kept on at low temperature

Fiona Wilson, External Communications Manager at Affinity Water said: “We are recommending that our customers once again carry out these few essential checks. Any sudden drop in temperature could cause damage to pipes and property if households aren’t prepared.

“Customers are more vulnerable to leaks if they are not heating their homes, and some may have already turned it off thinking that Spring was here. If that is the case it is even more important that they carry out these checks or ask a family member or friend to help if they are unsure what to do. We all need to ensure the lagging on pipework in our homes is still in order. Our winter ready checklist and handy how-to videos can help you to insulate your pipes, thaw frozen pies and find your stop tap in case of an emergency”.

Top tips and how to videos:

To prevent burst pipes

  • Insulate exposed water pipes with felt, pipe wrap or other insulating material and cover any outside pipe or fitting with a waterproof material. DIY stores have everything you need
  • Make sure your cold-water tank is insulated and that your central heating boiler has been serviced
  • If you have an outside tap, insulate it too
  • Check where your stop tap is to isolate your water supply and make sure you can turn it off. Most are under the sink
  • Leave central heating on a frost protection setting overnight or if you are going away for a few days
  • Make your home more energy efficient and have boilers serviced and bleed radiators
  • If you are planning on leaving your home or office unattended for a long period, turn off the water supply. If pipes do freeze, turn off the stop tap, slowly thaw the pipes near where it enters the house with a hair dryer, a towel soaked in hot water or a hot water bottle. Never use a naked flame or blowtorch to thaw a pipe.

If a pipe bursts, turn off the stop tap, leave an internal tap on to allow thawed water to escape and contact a qualified plumber.

When looking for a plumber, it is recommended to select one that is a member of an approved contractor scheme, such as WaterSafe. Approved businesses can be found at: by typing in your postcode. Or call 0333 207 9030.

Vulnerable Customers and Friends

Affinity Water’s free Priority Services Register can be found at:

The Company is also offering help in certain circumstance with paying bills:

Affinity Water customers can also find out how to save water and save money on their bills by taking a three minute My Water Footprint quiz today. They can get free water-saving device too, find out more at:

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