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You are responsible for installing and maintaining the water pipes within the boundaries of your property.

This includes water pipes inside your home as well as drainage and supply pipes outside your home, within your property boundary. You may also be responsible for pipe work that is not on your property if you share a water supply with your neighbours click here to learn more.

Your pipes are privately owned and we do not have information about their location within your property boundary.

You are responsible for making sure that your water pipes maintain adequate pressure once water and flow enters them.

What should my water pressure be?

We are legally required to supply a minimum water pressure of 7 meters head (0.7 bar) to your boundary stop tap. Pressure is measured in bars and 1 bar will push water to a height of 10 metres to your home. Water pressure is measured at the point where it leaves our pipework and flows through your outside stop tap or property boundary.

If you are not on a joint supply, your neighbours should have the same water pressure as you, provided your houses are of very similar height and the same distance from the point where our water main is located. Your water flow is individual to your property and may differ from your neighbours.

How can I test my water pressure?

Please note this is only for properties that have a single supply pipe.

Using the first tap off the supply pipe (usually the kitchen tap)

  1. Fill a 4.5 litre (1 gallon) bucket with water
  2. Make sure all other taps and appliances using water are turned off.
  3. It should take 30 seconds to fill the bucket with water - If it takes longer to fill then it’s likely you have a water pressure or flow issue.

Find out the common causes of water pressure and flow problems to help you track down the issue.

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