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Manage high consumption

Help with high consumption

If you are worried about how much water you are using, the video can help but here are the main points.

  • Think if could you really be using more or too much water.
  • Look for obvious causes, such as, more people at your property, a new garden needing more water, etc.
  • Are you turning the tap off while you clean your teeth or taking long power showers?

If this doesn't help, check you don't have a leak. If you have a meter this is easy to check.

  • Make sure all the taps in the house are turned off and the toilet hasn't just been flushed.
  • Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are turned off.
  • Go to your meter. In the centre of the meter face there's a little dial, just below the numbers. It could be a little silver disk or a cog shaped disk. If this is moving, you more than likely have a leak.
  • Is the leak inside? Check toilets and taps for drips or movement in the water in the toilet pan. If you don't see anything check outside. 
  • Is the leak outside? Turn off the inside stop tap and recheck the meter. If the little dial is continuing to turn, it may be that you have a supply pipe leak. We recommend you contact to find approved plumbers who can help.