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Here's what you do

The video shows you exactly what to do but here are the key points:

  • All you need are some basic tools -  just a ruler and a craft knife.
  • First of all, measure how much pipework you will need to cover. Once you have done this, you can visit your local DIY merchant to find lagging or pipe insulation; we recommend the 'sausage-type' material. On the side of the lagging you’ll see the numbers 15 and 13; 15 is the diameter of the pipe and 13 is the thickness of the lagging.
  • Cut the pipe to the required length, then split it open on one side lengthways where the lagging should be pre-cut for you.
  • Open the lagging and clip it around the pipe and make it nice and snug. When you come to a 45% angle just cut the lagging at an angle to make a good fit. Make sure you tape it up wherever there’s a joint to make it nice and tight.
  • You can also buy and fit an outside tap kit. These are very simple. Just clip it over the tap, make it nice and snug, put on your lid and push the final piece up inside.
  • You may also want to isolate all your outside taps, garages and outbuildings. To do this find the supply and turn it off. Once you’ve turned it off, go to the outside taps and open them to drain off the excess water.
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