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Moving home

To complete this form you will need to know your moving date and property details or a forwarding address.

This form covers moving in, moving within and moving out of our area, so you may not need to complete some sections. There is space at the bottom of the page for you to add any extra information you need to tell us and you can attach a document there too.

It would be helpful if you have (where applicable):

  • The number of occupants at your new property
  • Details of any new or previous occupants

If you are a landlord or letting agent, you can tell us about all your tenants' moves.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Title *
First name *
Surname *

Please enter your name here, you can enter another name later.

Contact number *
Email address *
Customer number (if known)

1.Moving out or closing an account

If you are moving out of your property, please enter the details below.

If you are a new customer, please scroll down to enter your new property details.

Property name/number
Your current address

Please give the address we will have for you, even if you have already moved out.

Post code
Moving out date (dd/mm/yyyy)
New occupiers name (if known)


2. Forwarding address

If you are moving to a property that's NOT in our supply area please provide an address so we can send a closing bill or any refund due.

Your forwarding address
Post code

3.New property details

If you are moving into a property in our supply area, please provide the details below.

Check if your new property is in our area here.

If you are moving to a property which is not in our area, please skip this section. If you are unsure, please complete the details below and we will update your account as appropriate. 

Moving in date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Property type
Property description
Property No/Name
Your new address
Post code
Number of occupants (total of adults and children)

Previous owner/occupier

It would be very helpful if you could provide the details of the previous owner or occupier, if possible. This ensures that all our customers’ accounts are up to date.

Name of previous occupier
Moving out date
Forwarding address

4. Water charges

We will use the details you give us to create or amend your account and send you an opening/revised bill within 10 working days. We will include a Direct Debit form and details of how to pay your bill. Find more information about payment methods.

Are you responsible for water charges at your new property?

If jointly responsible please provide the full names of everyone who should be on the bill

Full name(s)

If you are not responsible please provide the details of the person(s) responsible for the water charges.

Full name
Post code

Please select below if you require your bill in:

Large print
Does anyone at the property have a medical condition that needs bottled water delivered in the event of a burst water main?

5. Additional information

If there is anything else you need to tell us about the move please use the space below or you can upload a document.

This form will go to a dedicated team who will take the necessary action. If you need assistance or to tell us about something different, please click this link where you can contact us (opens in a new tab/window).

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