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Switching to metered bills

Two years ago, we installed your water meter as part of our Water Saving Programme. Following your meter installation, we gave you a two-year period to compare your water usage and switch to a metered bill.

If you have not switched already, after two years we will automatically switch you to a metered bill. This will put you in control of your water usage and you will only pay for what you use.

Once you start receiving metered bills you cannot switch back to a non-metered bill.

Here's how switching to metered bills works

1. We will change your account to a metered bill 

We will write to you again before this happens.

You will not be able to switch back to a non-metered bill.

2. You will receive your first metered bill

You will receive a new metered bill that shows the change from a non-metered bill to a metered bill, normally within the next 20 days.

If you pay by direct debit, you don't need to do anything we'll adjust your payments for you.

3. We will send your first bill including water usage approximately six months after your first metered bill.

All future bills will follow at regular six monthly intervals.

That's it! You are now in control of your water usage and will only pay for the water you use.