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Pressure Issue Questionnaire

This form should be completed if you are experiencing pressure issues.

If you suddenly have NO WATER at all at your cold kitchen tap, please check our Customer Zone for any incidents or works in your area. You may also wish to check with your neighbours to see if they are also affected. If there are no alerts concerning your area and your neighbours are also affected, please call us, so that we can arrange a visit straight away.

If you seem to have a persistent problem, rather than a one-off, please answer the following questions to help us to investigate and resolve your issue without delay. Please note, we cannot help with pressure problems caused by internal pipework and our investigations will be severely limited if you do not have a working internal stop tap. The questions are detailed but will help identify if the problem is something we can do something about.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  • 1Understanding the problem

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Pressure Issue

1. Is the pressure OK at your cold kitchen tap? *
2. Have you recently changed your plumbing system or recently renewed your supply pipe? *
3. Is your internal stop tap faulty? *You cannot answer 'Don't know' to this question as we won't be able to help if you don't know where your internal stop tap is or if it's working.

Please note: You may need to check if you have more than one stop tap as sometimes additional stop taps are concealed behind units/cupboards.


Checking your stop tap

You should check that  your stop tap is working properly and will open fully. 

To fully open the tap, you should gently open and close it several times until the number of turns from open to closed is constant. 

Do not leave the tap fully open.  Turn it back a quarter of a turn to stop it seizing up.

If you find you cannot turn the stop tap i.e. it has seized up, you may want to call a plumber to replace it for you before continuing with this test. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you with repairing or replacing your internal stop tap and your stop tap usually needs to be working properly before we can investigate further.

4. Have you recently had any internal plumbing work carried out? *
If Yes, what did the work consist of?
5. Did you notice the difference in pressure and flow ONLY in the hot tap in the kitchen, your electric or power shower, your boiler or other hot taps in your property i.e. pressure at your cold kitchen tap is OK? *

What to do

If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions it is likely that the issue you have with the pressure and flow may be to do with the internal plumbing.  You will need to get your own plumber to investigate and resolve this.  Here is a list of the water industry approved plumbers. 

If you have answered No to all of the questions above, then our technician will need to attend to investigate the issue further.  We will need to make an appointment, as the technician will need access to your property. Please complete the details below and we will contact you.

To assist us with our investigations, are you aware of any work we may be doing or have just done close to your property or in your local area?
If there is work, please can you advise where and when?
Are your neighbours also affected?
Please tell us when you first noticed the problem and explain any patterns to the pressure changes e.g. started 2 weeks ago, worse in the morning.
Please use this area to tell us about anything else that might be useful, including details of neighbours who may also be affected.

Only click Next to complete the boxes over the page if you answered No to all the questions (1-5) above.  

For example, if you have answered yes to question 3, i.e. you do have a faulty internal stop tap, we may not be able to diagnose or solve the problem.