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Debt Support Schemes

If you’re finding it difficult to pay your water bill due to financial hardship or a recent change in financial circumstances, we may be able to provide help to reduce or clear your debt through our debt support schemes.

Crisis Fund

The crisis fund scheme is designed to help clear arrears that have built up on your account due to exceptional circumstances. If your application is successful, we may be able to clear some or all the arrears on your water bill.

What is a crisis?

Some examples of exceptional circumstances are:

  • Terminal illness
  • A serious/debilitating illness (not terminal)
  • Abuse which has meant you’ve been unable to pay your water bill

How do I qualify for The Crisis Fund?

You’ll need to meet the following criteria:

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  • Provide evidence of the crisis
  • Provide details of income and expenditure
  • Pay for your current usage
  • Your arrears must be older than or include your previous rateable value bill or your last two metered bills
  • You’ve paid towards your water bill in the past 12 months
  • You can complete the application form

How to apply

It’s easy – just fill out our online form and we’ll review your application and follow up with any additional questions if necessary. It's important to make sure you provide evidence when submitting the form, otherwise it could delay the application process. We’ll then contact you to let you know the outcome.

Alternatively, if you'd rather not fill out the online application form - you can print the application form and send it through the post to:

Affinity Water Ltd, Tamblin Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9EZ.

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