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Current alerts

No water?

If you have no water or your water pressure has dropped so there's only a trickle coming out of your tap, there could be a reason for it that we are already aware of..

  • Check below to see if there is a known issue with the water network in your area. If we have any incidents in your  area, you will see it below, under Current Alerts
  • If it is not mentioned below it could be because of planned works we are carrying out and we should have posted a card through your door to give you some prior warning. Please check In Your Area for all the planned work currently taking place.
  • If it is not in the Current Alerts section or In Your AreaClick here for further advice about having no water

Leaks and Bursts

If you’ve seen a leak or a burst in your local area, please let us know immediately so that we can send somebody out to inspect the problem as soon as possible.

You can report most leaks (minor or non-emergency) by clicking here

If the leak is causing severe flooding, damage or poses a risk to property or people, please call us on our leak spotters number 0800 376 5325

Vulnerable Customers

We hold a register of all customers who are particularly vulnerable or who have a medical condition, home dialysis patients for example, which would put them at risk if they were to suffer from supply interruptions and have little or no water.  Customer service staff are aware of such customers and would contact them if an emergency situation arose. To register for our Priority Services, please click the link Priority Services registration