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We try our best to keep our customers informed before, during and on completion of work in your area.

These communications usually consists of a series of letters and leaflets, detailing dates, times and any interruptions to the water supply, delivered direct to your door.

Below are examples of the communications you will receive in relation to work in your area.

Planned Works Postponed Icon
Water Supply To Be Turned Off Icon
Water Supply Is Back On Icon
Your Water Supply Is Back On Icon
Boil Your Water Icon
There Is No Need To Boil Your Water Icon

As well as this, the following means are taken to keep you informed.

  • Any customers directly affected by our work will receive an advanced warning letter 
  • Road signs will also be displayed in accordance with the Highways Authority
  • Customers registered on our Priority Services Register, will receive communications suitable for their condition (i.e. large print, Braille etc). All customers are given the opportunity to inform us of any special needs in advance of work commencing
  • We issue regular updates to the local media, inform local MPs and Councillors, attend public meetings and make presentations on request to organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce
  • We liaise face to face with many businesses, schools and other organisations that may be affected by our works and try whenever possible to accommodate their needs
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