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If you have a project idea to help restore and enhance the biodiversity in your local area, apply for a grant today. 

What is Rooting for Wildlife?

Rooting for Wildlife is a community grant that will provide financial sponsorship and Affinity Water volunteers to support partnership projects in the Lea catchment. The aim is to address declining biodiversity by supporting projects that prioritise riparian zones (land near bodies of water), designated areas, and support key habitats and species of conservation concern.

The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. The State of Nature Report 2023 shows that since 1970 UK species have declined by about 19% on average, and nearly 1 in 6 species (16.1%) are now threatened with extinction. The government declared a Biodiversity Emergency in 2019 raising the alarm for urgent action.

Healthy ecosystems retain and slowly release water, reducing surface water run-off and soil erosion, and help filter out pollutants from water. That's why we're committed to protecting and enhancing the species and habitats in our sites and catchments.

A drone shot with a repaired habitat

An example of habitat creation at one of our sites

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from across the public, private, voluntary and education sectors, including:

  • Community groups and organisations
  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Farmers
  • Individual customers

Multi-stakeholder and multi-funded applications are also encouraged as we know combining interests, resources and capabilities can improve environmental outcomes.

Map of the lea catchment area where we're supporting projects

Examples of potential projects could be:

River restoration

Such as adding materials to create pools and riffles, re-meandering the river, or creating leaky dams.

Improving habitats

Creating and enhancing areas of habitats such as wetlands, woodlands, meadows and scrub which are protected from disturbance, such as from people, dogs or livestock

Environmentally sensitive agriculture

To reduce pollution into rivers and streams, including cover crops.

We’re looking to support projects that align with Hertfordshire's Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRSs) and have the potential to link to wider environmental projects, and/or contribute towards achieving Water Framework Directive (WFD) objectives.

What can I apply for?

These values represent an indication of approximate costs and does not stipulate the total amount of funding available. Large grants will be considered.

Please see the table below for suggestions of how much funding could be awarded for different types of projects. These amounts are just suggestions for guidance purposes; you may apply for more but please be aware that we may not be able to award the full amount requested if your application is successful. 

Project Type Suggested Resource
Creation of educational resources £1 - £1500
Training for licences £200 - £2500
Small equipment for works
(e.g., gloves, waders, hand tools, coir matting, seed mix, litter pickers, tree planting, water quality monitoring)
£200 - £2500
Large specialist equipment
(e.g., machinery hire/specialist drivers, wetland/pond creation, dredging, bank creation, fencing, no-fence collars, reed planting)
£1000 - £4000
Volunteer Days
We're happy to provide volunteers for your events, made up of Affinity Water staff, contractors, or partners.
Volunteering events must be on weekdays (Monday - Friday).
We'll require at least two weeks' notice in order to advertise internally, and numbers of volunteers will depend on staff availability.
If requested, a minimum of 1 volunteer event will be attended.

We will not be looking to fund projects that involve:

  • Survey-only projects
  • Research projects
  • The creation of apps

How to apply

Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive impact on your environment. Before applying, please make sure you've read and understood all the information. To learn more about the terms and conditions, view our detailed document.

Applications are now OPEN, and will close on 31st May 2024 at 23.59

Please note that this is our Pilot Year of Rooting for Wildlife, with the intention being to expand the scheme in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact



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