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Save water, save energy, save money

Did you know we use more water than any other part of the country? Water is precious and we should use it wisely. Saving water not only makes environmental sense but it can help save energy and reduce your bills. 

According to the Energy Saving Trust, 21% of a household heating bill relates to heating water for showers, baths and hot water taps. This does not include kettles, washing machines and dishwashers, which use additional energy.

Click here to use a Water calculator for your home to find out how you could make savings. 

To help you save water, save energy and save money, with every meter fitted we're offering a Home Water Efficiency Check (worth around £50) absolutely FREE!


Water saving tips that really make a difference





Free Water Saving Devices

We want to make it easier to save water and save money, so we’re offering our customers some fun and useful water saving devices for free!

Click here to get yours >>



Interactive Water Saving Home

There are lots of ways you can make savings around your home and garden.

Click the numbers on our Water Saving Home for some really simple top tips to help you start saving water and saving money. You might want to fit some free water saving devices or change the way you do things, such as, turning off the tap when you brush your teeth. By making some small changes and becoming more water-aware, you can really make a difference.


Water Saving Squad Events 

The Water Saving Squad visit markets, shows and all sorts of events to give away free water saving devices and great hints and tips to help you be more water efficient. They can advise what freebies will be good for you and can show you how they work.

Click here to view the calendar to find out where the team will be and do get in touch if you’d like us to visit your event.




The habits we learn as children often stay with us for life, so we’re starting the water saving message with our youngest customers. Our brilliant Education Services team will be increasing their visits to schools to share a wealth of information on the importance of water in the environment. They’ll be working with teachers on programmes which fit alongside the curriculum and they’ll be encouraging children and young people to start saving water today! Click here to find out more.

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