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Shower Head

What is a
Shower Head?

What is a Shower Head?

By replacing your shower head you can save water, and even money off your energy bills. Simply, replace your existing shower head with this replacement, and you can start saving with every shower.

What are the benefits?


Regulating the rate of 7 litres per minute, compared to a standard 15 litres per minute flow rate.

Easy to

Comes with standard ½” thread to fit all shower hoses (hose not supplied).


Self-cleaning rubber nozzles allow easy cleaning to prevent limescale build-up.


Suitable with any standard ½” hose thread and Combi condensing boilers and gravity showers with a pump fitted*

How to install your Shower Head


Ensure the shower is turned off. Unscrew the existing showerhead from the hose.


Make sure the screw threads are clean.


Screw in the new shower head securely by hand.


Turn on the shower and check for leaks. If there is a leak, tighten the shower head to the hose.

Disclaimer: Affinity Water cannot accept any liability for damage incurred to your fittings or property as a result of installation or use of this device.

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