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Priority Services Register – update your details

Please complete your details below to update your Priority Services registration.

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Please select if anyone in the household’s needs meet any of the following criteria. Please tick all that apply:


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Password scheme

Register for our password scheme, so you can tell if our staff are genuine if they visit you. Before they enter your property, they must tell you the password first.


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Supply interruptions

If you would like to nominate someone else to contact us on your behalf regarding supply interruptions please provide their details below.


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Would you like to remain on the Priority Services Register?

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If you have selected to remain on the Priority Services Register, you consent for your medical information to be processed and stored as part of the registration. If the registration is for someone else in your household, you confirm that you have obtained their consent to give their medical information.
If you have asked to be removed from the register, you understand that in order to add your household in the future, you will need to register again.


I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of this declaration * 
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