Notify us of a bereavement

Thank you for contacting us at that this difficult time.

Please use this form to tell us about the death of someone who was named on a bill as an account holder. Once you have completed the form, we'll do the rest and, if we have any questions, we will get in touch.

Please try to answer the questions below, as fully as possible, and use the comments box at the end of the form to tell us anything else about the account that you need to. We don't keep details of anyone who was not named on a bill, so you don't need to tell us about them.

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  • 2Future water use

Contact details

Name of contact *Please give your name or, if appropriate, the name of the person we should talk to if we have any queries.
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About the deceased

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Address of property including postcode *Please give the supply address of the property where the deceased was named as account holder.
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