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14 June 23

Water Regulations with Mark Fenning and Jon Dunne

In a new podcast for Affinity Water Mark Fenning, Network Regulations Team Leader and Jon Dunne Network Regulations Inspector, set out how they help to enforce water regulation standards in the industry, and what needs to change to ensure customers, trades people, and manufacturers comply with the rules and legislation.

Often when they are called out to remedy problems with water supply in customers’ homes, it’s not the fault of the company but comes down to the way pipes have been fitted or changes made, and surprisingly it is not just old houses that encounter problems, newly built homes can also present with problems. Tastes, odours and discolouration of water are common problems on call outs.

In the future they would like to see more education to ensure manufacturers issue clear instructions so new appliances are fitted according to the regulations and standards, and that trades people also know how to comply with those instructions.

Jon explains: “You can often show the customer what is missing off a system and how it should have been installed and that helps to educate the customer. If you are paying for someone to come into your house, you trust their professional expertise, but if something goes wrong then you find sand in your water, you think it must be the fault of the water company but unfortunately that is not always the case. We have to demonstrate to them what is wrong and what should have been done. It is a matter of education.”

Mark explains: “The manufacturers need to do more and in the future the waste issues within the regulations needs to be looked at. With water neutrality now being looked at more closely, and things like rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling, there needs to be more regulations to enforce standards on waste. People have to realise that water is a food source and that is entering their homes and we need to think more carefully about how we use water and realise that it is a precious resource, so behavioural change and saving water where you can is important.”

Both Mark and Jon are working on water neutrality issues at Affinity Water and are part of its Water Neutrality working group. “It is about educating the customers, education is key” said Mark. “The more we talk to our customers and tell them about water and water regulations and the importance of water neutrality the better. People take water for granted, more than say gas or electricity but it is essential to their lives ,” said Jon.

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