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Reading your water meter

Firstly, you'll need to know where your water meter is. Meters are normally located on the public footpath or at the bottom of your front garden, near the boundary. If you live in a flat or share a supply with your neighbours, your meter may be inside, probably located by your internal stop tap in the kitchen, downstairs loo or utility room.

If your meter is outside, it will be underground not fixed to your property. You’ll need a flat headed screwdriver and a torch. You might also need a stop tap key which you can get from your local DIY store. All you need to do is flip the lid up, pull out the frost pad and look down.

If your water meter is inside, it’s easy but you may need a torch.

Taking the reading

Look at the meter. You’ll see some white numbers on black – these are cubic metres - this is your meter reading. The red numbers are not needed, they are just for us. So make a note of the reading and the date you're taking it.

Then send us the up-to-date reading.

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