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If your pipes burst, you must try to minimise any damage from escaping water by following these steps.

1. Immediately turn off your stop taps and make sure your central heating boiler is turned off

Most stop taps are fitted under the kitchen sink and can be closed by turning clockwise.

Watch Rob show you how in our handy guide to Finding your inside stop tap.

2. Drain your water system

You can do this by turning on all the cold taps in the house and, once you have turned off the boiler or immersion heater, turn on all the hot taps.

3. Soak up or block off escaping water

If water has leaked near your electrics or into electrical appliances, switch them off at the mains.

Do not touch any wet electrical fittings.

4. You might need a plumber to fix the leaking pipe

You may find WaterSafe useful for finding an approved plumber.

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