Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Waste water

Although we supply water to your property, we are not responsible for processing your waste water.

  • For customers living in the Central or East regions, we collect the charges on behalf of Thames Water or Anglian water for disposal of waste water.

  • Customers living in the Southeast region will be billed separately by Southern Water

Sewerage charges cover the disposal of rainwater from your property. 

We are not responsible for processing your waste water.

If you have a query about your waste water or if water from sewers is affecting your home, you will need to contact your sewerage provider directly.

Depending on where you live within our supply area, your waste water will be dealt with by either:

Anglian Water

Thames Water

03457 145 145

0800 316 9800

*0800 numbers are free from UK landlines but may be chargeable from mobiles

                     0330 303 0368                                     

You can find out who is providing your sewerage in our waste water area map.

Waste water reductions

There may be reductions available from the sewerage companies for waste water (the water from sinks, toilets, baths etc. in your property) or Surface Water (the water that goes into drainage from rain or snow falling on your property). This reduction is given by your waste water company who will advise us to apply the reduction to their part of the bill. We cannot change your bill until we hear from them.

If none of your waste water or surface water goes into the main drainage system, i.e. you have a septic tank or your own waste management system, the waste water companies will not normally charge you. The reduction is at the discretion of the waste water companies, and you should contact them first using the details above. They may ask you to confirm current charges, which are on your bill, or we can help with this. Please click on Contact us at the top of the page.

Surface water abatement

There are some circumstances where you may not need to pay the full amount of your sewerage charges.

If the rain water falling on your property does not go into the main drainage system, if it goes into a soak-away for example, you could apply for a surface water abatement. Please contact your waste water company.

If you are in the Thames Water sewerage area please visit their website  or call 0800 316 9800. 

If you are in the Anglian Water sewerage area. Please click this link for their  website or call on 03457 145 145.

For Southern Water sewerage area please click here to visit their website.

Thames Water - Waste water abatement

If there is a difference between the amount of water you use and the amount of effluent you discharge into the sewer system, for example water used to irrigate plants. Thames Water may grant a wastewater abatement allowance, which takes these differences into consideration. Customers will need to prove that over ten per cent of their metered water usage is not returned to the sewer for treatment and you should contact them on the details above.

Anglian Water - Waste water abatement

For domestic customers, Anglian Water already allow 10% for water that does not go into the main drainage system, for metered customers, this means that usage shown by your meter readings will be used in full for water charges but only 90% of the usage will be used for waste charges. 

If you are a business customer or can demonstrate that less than 90% of your water is returned to the main sewer, you should contact Anglian Water directly to discuss whether a higher allowance is appropriate for you.  


Drainage and waste water fittings

The ConnectRight campaign aims to prevent misconnections and raise awareness about drainage and water pollution amongst property owners, the public and professionals.

For more information click the link for ConnectRight or contact your local WaterSafe recommended plumber.