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Your metering journey


Did you

The South East
of England has less
rainfall compared
to the rest of the

...and our
community has
some of the
highest water

Now it’s time to make a real change, do something about it – and all do our bit to save water

Water tip

Follow our water saving tips and advice and help save water. If we all save a little, we’ll save a lot. Click here for more information

So why are we installing water meters?

Your new water meter will help you manage your water use.

We’re here to help you save water.

As well as installing water meters, we’re fixing leaks, providing free water-saving devices and offering essential water-saving tips and advice.

If we do nothing, we face a shortfall of 170 million litres of water each day by 2040. Fact.

To find out more about our water resources click here

Follow your
metering journey

We will let you know 14 days before we install a meter at your property

Water tip

Wait until you have a full load before doing the laundry. Don’t be fooled - two half loads actually use more water than one full load!

Once we have installed a meter we will leave you an information booklet and the details for your new meter.

Seeing what’s what

One of our surveyors will visit your property – to see where a meter can be fitted. Don’t worry, there’s no need for you to be at home.

No meter installed?

We need to survey your property to find out if we can install a meter right away or if we need to dig a hole.

What happens next?

We might need
to dig


We don’t need
to dig


No digging required!

If it’s possible to fit a meter at your property right away, we’ll install it immediately and drop a card in to let you know your new meter details.

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